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Рокфишинг на море колебалками
Rock fishing with spoon lures

As soon as the warm season starts, everyone aims for the humid sea air. Having rest is very good, but I personally can’t imagine that without a spinning rod....

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С колебалкой за любой рыбой!
Any fishing with spoon lures!

I have repeatedly noticed that many people do not fully understand the potential of a correct working lure. There are some generally accepted restrictions that are forced upon anglers...

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Iris лучшая блесна на голавля от SV Fishing Lures UA01
Chub fishing on small rivers with microspoons [Part 3]

Previous articles of this series: first part , second part On the following day, we decided to come to the river in the very morning. We set the alarm...

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Серия KOI в цвете CK03 от SV Fishing Lures для ловли голавля
Chub fishing on small rivers with microspoons [Part 2]

First part of article about chub fishing on small rivers. Let’s just paraphrase a saying: ‘You can postpone fishing but never a lunch!’. That’s exactly what happened with us....

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Голавль на микроколебалку SV Fishing Lures Iris в цвете UA02
Chub fishing on small rivers with microspoons

Sometimes spontaneity is the best strategy for success! And that’s how it happened this time too! Although I was planning a fishing trip, it was supposed to be completely...

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Ловля щуки на блесны SV FISHING LURES
Pike Fishing with SV FISHING LURES

For a long time I have tried to move away from spoon lures, as I considered them to be a relic of the past. However, the more I experimented...

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