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We believe in spoon lure! We always did! That is why such project as SV Fishing Lures became a reality, that is why our company took the absolute technological lead in Eastern Europe among lure producers. We proved that the spoon lure is way more than everyone used to think of. We plaid a crucial part in rethinking of spoon angling in our country and near-abroad countries.

Today the trophy fish list, used to be angled on spoon lures, is wide more than ever. Lures became smaller, more exquisite and modern. Lure colors and patterns are our hallmark with their ingenuity, diversity and high workmanship quality. Such solution allowed SV Fishing Lures gaining a flake and made the company a worldwide leader by the number of available color patterns of metal lures.

Apart from colors, we work also on the texture and pattern of the surface, providing our lures with better specifications than ever. SV Fishing Lures offers lures to anglers which were produced on state-of-the-art equipment, passing a thorough testing, which perfect angling performance under various conditions is beyond all doubts.

Wherever you are angling: at a pond, at sea or on a rapid river, be sure the range of SV Fishing Lures will help you to gain best results!

If you are interested in or want to buy SV Fishing lures in Ukraine, visit our online shop https://sv-market.com, where you will find up-to-date stock of our products. What if you are not from Ukraine? Please, have a look at the list of partners in other countries

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