Spoon models


We set a goal while creating this lure: to achieve minimum presentation speed provided that the spoon remains at the required level. And the point was gained!

Flash Line

Owing to prolate shape, this lure perfectly simulates juvenile ablet or sabrefish. Like these fish, it perfectly runs on stream.


Koketka spoon became an outright bestseller for the most diverse fish angling in any conditions. Its rhythmical sweeping game retains stability both in fast and very slow presentations.


The name of Individ lure is not occasional. This spoon is really noted for individual nature of its action.


Special lure which is notable for active game at very slow presentation speed. The spoon was created specifically for low fish activity conditions or high angling pressing, when common lures do not work or hardly work.


The name of this lure speaks for itself. It can be easily retrieved on the water surface and present it over, or it can be sank down and presented underneath.

Metal Twitch

Metal Twitch is a unique spoon, which was created specifically for twitching presentation.


This spoon action imitates movements of a minnow, panicking and breaking away from a predator. Hence the name panic derives from!