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 Новая серия расцветок Native

Spring is the time when nature awakens from hibernation. Streams of warm water wash the ice crust day by day, carrying with it a huge amount of oxygen and heat, which are so necessary for aquatic inhabitants after the winter cold. Gradually the buds swell on the trees, the first inflorescences appear. Everything comes alive. Winged insects tend to pollinate as many flowers as possible, giving the impetus to the next stage - the formation of ovaries of fruits. In a few months, around July-June, the first results of their work can be seen on the branches of fruit trees.

Few people know, but most carp fish feed not only by living or growing underwater. Such representatives of the ichthyofauna as ordinary carp or chub are omnivorous fish. Some anglers, quite successfully apply when catching "white predators", not only bait and lures of artificial origin, but also small fruits and berries that can be found right under your feet. An obvious example is the plum and cherry. The fruits of these trees are a favorite delicacy of large chubs.

Moving along the river bank with spinning in the hands, we very often pay attention to the trees hanging over the water. It is here that most predators, including large black-tailed chubs, are so fond of ambushing. This is not surprising, the foliage shadow gives shelter from the sun, and if you are lucky, a juicy cherry or ripe plum may fall on your head. Chub for nothing will not miss the moment to feast on such a delicacy.

That's why in our company SV Fishing Lures, a wonderful idea was born, to realize a whole series of colors, dedicated not to traditional hitching attachments. Blood cherry (cherry blood) and ripe plum (ripe plum) were embodied in our wavering spoon-bait, which showed wonderful results when catching chubs earlier. But we clearly felt that this story should continue, because our land is very rich in a variety of fruits and vegetables. A green apple (green apple) is not a direct food for fish, but it has a very attractive color, which is so popular with headaches. During long experiments, we tested these colors on different fish and were really shocked by the result. It turned out that "green apples" are very fond of pond rainbow trout! During a huge number of fishing our professional testers noted the high efficiency of these colors in the eria of phishing (catching pond rainbow trout).

As a result, we received three completely new colors, which symbolized the national spirit of the country in which they were born. But that this series of colors turned out really expressive and bright, it was decided to bring a zest. Starlight night is another distinctive time, when catching chubs on a wild river, acquires a special charm. This coloring does not imitate a fruit or vegetable, but miraculously fits into one of the most effective colors for catching a strong and beautiful fish.

These four colors are combined into a series of Native and gave rise to a new project that will exclusively reflect the characteristics of the region or country. In the future, the new colors of this series will be developed with the wishes of the angler-athletes practicing fishing in a particular country.


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